New Business?

We love helping new businesses get started, whether its a line of credit on our services, or complimentary design services for your systems and business model. We are here to make sure you succeed

Building A Website

Every business gets to a point where they need a digital-friendly website. Start here and let us building something to leverage with digital marketing.

Market Your Website

Now that you have a great, high-impact website let's get it in front of your customers. Especially, the one customers that are not friends and family.

Join The Conversation

Our team of creatives are working 7 days a week to move your business forward. You may not be used to daily communications but you'll start to with us.

Reaching Higher

SEO Optimization and Market Response Management powered by Stand & Reach. Responding to the market is our job, not yours. We are always monitoring your market and making sure our daily workflow is adjusted to have the biggest impact.

Video Streaming & NGINX Hosting

Our Streaming Servers enable you to add features like video calling and conferencing, live podcasts, and more. Development and Hosting billed seperately.

Project Board

Stay in the loop with our interactive dashboard. Your dashboard shows tasks and assigned developers, lets you chat in realtime with developers and project management, host daily conferences, leave notes, view scheduled hours and the project time line, and refill your balance all in on place.

Request A Call-back

Our team will return your call within 1 day to discuss your next project!


Repair, Install, & Networking

Make Old Devices Run better than new, Install New Systems, and Network Them Together. We are ready to serve you.

General Repair

Most Repairs can be finished within the hour with prices starting at


Per Repair
We provide pick up and drop off services as well as purchase options through your 'bill to' account.
Component Installation

Laptop Screens, Phone Screens, Printers, TV's, Etc. Starting at


Per Install
Certain Restrictions apply, outside components subject to technician approval. Pricing Starting at
Advanced Repair Services

Switching out a CPU, Soldering circuits, transistors, etc. starting at


*Per Case
Subject to Technician Approval, certain restrictions apply. Pricing Starting at

*All pricing and estimates are subject to time sold to client on an as needed basis. All requests over 1 hour will receive a quote for project-based work with a new estimate of cost.


Website & Database Management

App Server & Content Delivery Network Options Available

Hosting Only

Just need someone to make sure your website stays up and running? Start here.


We keep a 99.99% up-time on all of them. Our customer's online presence is important so we make sure you're there to greet them when they find you.
Web Management & Hosting

Need help on the website on a monthly basis? This is it.


We not only host your website but offer request-based servicing to update your website within 24 hours. Stop messing around with other web companies who don't respond.
Custom Plan

Have an eCommerce website? We have the ability to provide support and develop.


Your needs are not uncommon. We've been around the eCommerce block a few times and can support just about any online store.

*All pricing and estimates are subject to time sold to client on an as needed basis. All requests over 1 hour will receive a quote for project-based work with a new estimate of cost.


Web Development Pricing

We charge by the hour based on the design of your project and required tasks. Additional charges from other vendors may apply for widgets or themes and integrated API costs.



*Covers Up to 4 Hours + Server Setup & Initial costs.

Want a simple website to get you started? The Basic Website has a series of options you may need to broadcast your company to your customers using hand-coded templates or Wordpress. Getting started could be as low as $500 and a 4 hour commitment from us.


*Covers Up to 70 Development Hours, 5 Hours Database Development & Integration, + Initial Startup Costs

Your company is growing and you are tired of ‘just having a website.’ Our professional series starts at $3,500 and can go up. Are you ready to have a high impact website built with SEO and Localization services to win customers’ first impressions?


Real-time Communication

Email & Authentication

Scalable Data Streaming Services

Scalable Video Streaming Services

Location Services & Google Map Integration*



*Covers Up to 100 development hours, 10 hours database development & Integration, + initial costs.

Do you have bigger aspirations? Custom templates? Build from scratch? We can do anything your heart, and budget, desires. Our custom websites fit specific industry needs and come packed with features ready to serve marketing and sales needs.

*Services Like Google Maps API and Email have additional costs that must be paid every month or annually. Listed Prices are based on average project times and are not a guaranteed quote for your project. Some services may increase the costs of the project or the cost of development in some circumstances.

We Build iOS & Android Apps

It's Easy To Use Our Apps. Can't Find what you need? We can build it!

Dominate your brand with custom scaled solutions built by system architects and engineers. Available on
Google Play
Available on
App Store

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not covered here, or you just want to talk to someone about your business goals don't hesitate to call us!

Domain names are names registered to trusted Domain Name Servers that map request to specific names to their registered IP Address. Domain names are much like names in the phone book in that each name may appear with a ip address, however, each name must be unique. Multiple domain names may be mapped to the same server, which then determines which website to serve based on the URL request. A fully qualified domain name, which is what is actually registered, is in the format of MYDOMAINNAME.COM. What this means is that the name it's self is not 'unique' by any means, but it's fully qualified name with the associating extension is. There are many extensions available [.com, .co, .biz, .net, .org, .us, ...] so choosing the one best for you is our goal. As an example, our domain name is MAGICDESK.NET. The HTTPS://WWW. are for browsers and the responding servers they connect with.
Our development pricing is based around time, the more money on your account means the more work our team can do on your project. While our prices may be high we are focused around production. We use your time wisely and work with you to develop an objective and goal list, as well as the tasks that will be completed. Each task has a time frame attached, and at any given time up to five developers maybe working on your project. We record and timestamp each task and organize them based on their category and relation to the website. The end result is comprehensive view of what's been done and where every penny has been spent. If at some point you are unable to continue making payments we can always save the work and continue at your request. Instead of locking our clients into contracts we continously earn their business through hardwork, dedication, and results.
But back to pricing the best way to purchase hours is by selecting one of our development packages and adding on more time as you see fit. Our team can add on calenders and interactive schedules, analytic tools that allow you to monitor your sites results, team and time management tools, live streaming video and audio, and much more. We provide outlook and quotes based on our experience, bottom line is we keep you informed. If the project will require more time we will let you know in advance, you can also monitor the progress of your project using our dashboard application, and most projects are completed on time. Certain scenerios make it difficult to give exact time frames. Also we never charge you if we have to stop working to wait on content or payment etc. We simply reach out and stay in contact and are ready to start back when you are!
While we try to have basic websites done within 30 days, more complex websites may require more time, or rolled in multiple versions. A precise timeframe can be provided after our initial consultation and product design.
Hosting refers to the server your IP Address is linked to. In fact when a server goes online it is assigned an IP Address. Servers should have static IP Addresses that Domain Names can be pointed to. When browsers load your website they load the main index file from your server's html directory. Hosting comes in a wide range of selections and scalable options, we help break everything down to make sure your getting the most out of your hosting package. Hosting includes bandwith capacity, database and tables, and the server programming language and cpanel. Hosting DOES NOT include setup and management, troubleshooting, or anything else. For all other services please contact us today.
When you start a new project in the dashboard, or over the phone with a representative, you are asked to provide a balance to get started, either a custom amount or from one of our packages, and define your specifications and product proposal as well as any pertinent tasks that would need to be handled by the site, and we will reply within 24 hours with a quote. And we can discuss the task list breakdown. The task list break down is a design of your product that we create as a guide to developing your site. It lays out objectives, sections, pages, data tables, authentication, and required dependencies. Once you approve the design we get started working immediately on your project and you are able to start viewing details about who is working on what, leave messages for them, how long they've been working, and view how many hours have been spent on the tasks. Theres also a project view that highlights at a glance stats about the projects timeline, percent completed, and total current costs.
Yes and no. We sometimes work out aggreements with partners to exchange services. However, those services or products in exchange must be inline with the our mission. We accept vehicles, gift cards to certain stores, services such as photography, desktop publishing, videography, and marketing solutions. To see if we are able to exchange your products or services speak with our sales team today.
Miss the good ole days when Steve Jobs and his merry band of pirates were here to be the Good Guys? We miss that too and thought it was time to become that which we lost. We aim to bring the magic back to software and the ethics back to computing. We all took an oath when becoming Scientists, computer scientists or otherwise, a promise to maintain an standard of ethical conduct. We aim to uphold that standard and foster an environment that invites like minded innovators who want to put a dent in the Universe. Tired of working for a company that puts profit over people, or tech giants who sale customer data or with binding and constricting terms of service. Come join America's team of engineers and scientists. Our goal is simple, by connecting the right people at the right time we can make a difference and bring the Independence back to The People for which it stands. Also we pledge that instead of spending your payroll and bonuses on celebrity endorsements, foreign labor, and "going to space", we will put that money back into your hands and even help you start community funding events easily to help raise money for important issues. United We Stand.