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We are an IT Firm dedicated to serving our local and small businesses. If you need a website, software application, database application, marketing solution, public relation experts, or social media campaign we are your guys! We also have a service team to come to your location to set up networks, point of sales, T.V.'s, video surviellence, custom photography and more. We have your business's needs covered so you can do what you do best.

We love Memphis! We love local businesses! That's why we love our jobs! We are excited to meet you and can not wait to see what we can do for you!

Think small. Small Businesses is what our country was founded on and also is the life blood of our economy. It's the everyday people and the small businesses that really drive our economy, and make our town feel like a home. We offer all small businesses big business IT solutions on a scalable budget. Contact us today for your free one on one consultation over the phone.
we are up to something BIG!
an opportunity for you, or someone you know, to learn how to code, build websites, work on computers, network, as well as graphical design. That's right, we are talking about one on one training sessions that will prepare anyone for the best IT jobs in the industry! For more information contact us at 662.772.9060, and we can connect you with a mentor in your field of interest**.
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From software and web applications to graphic design and photography, we have something for every business.

Memphis, Tennessee

N. Germantown Pkwy
Memphis, TN38016

Phone: 662.772.9060

Hornlake, Mississippi

Goodman Road E.
Hornlake, MS 38671

Phone: 662.772.9060

Columbus, Georgia

2840 Warm Springs Rd.
Columbus, Georgia 31904

Phone: 662.772.9060

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